G.W.A. Lucky to "Fee", 1918, Jan. 8


G.W.A. Lucky to "Fee", 1918, Jan. 8


Luckey, George Washington Andrew, 1855-1933


Luckey defending the words he spoke in a Open Forum presentation.


1918, Jan. 8




January 8, 1918
Dear Mr. Fee:
As near as I can recall the exact statement made in my discussion at the Open Forum and which is now in controversy, it was as follows:
Criticising (sic) a school system in which one part of the people do the thinking and another part the toiling (bidding), I said it is not the dictator but the system that I dislike. “If I must live under a Kaiser I would as leave – no I would not – but I was about to say that I would leave that his name be Kaiser Wilhelm as Kaiser Theodore”.
I can not be sure that these are my exact words, but I am sure I did not use the word nearly or almost. I was not comparing men but principles. It seemed to me that De. Gratz came the nearest interpreting my true thot (sic).
It is interesting to see how variant our interpretation of a thot (sic) given three weeks before.
(Signed) G.W.A. Luckey.


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