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This is an excerpt of a book written by Johnathon Andrew Rice about his old-fashioned tendencies and how they affected his career.

The building on the left side of the photograph (taken around 1905 as identified on the photocopy) served as the original library for UNL. It has since been renovated and is currently installed as Architecture Hall.

Pershing Memorial Museum.jpg
Alfred V. Parish, of the University of Nebraska, National Commander of the Pershing Rifles Association is examining a photo of General Pershing in the Pershing Memorial Museum at Fort Myer, Virginia.

A photograph of the statue of Brook Berringer and Tom Osborne that is located outside of the Tom and Nancy Osborne Athletic Complex.

Another view of the statue of Brook Berringer and Tom Osborne, which is located outside of the Tom and Nancy Osborne Athletic Complex on the north side of Memorial Stadium.

A picture of the plaque outside of Memorial Stadium that was dedicated to the coaches Bob Devaney and Tom Osborne.

A close-up picture of the plaque dedicated to coaches Bob Devaney and Tom Osborne outside of Memorial Stadium.

The Plaque Reads:

Nebraska's tradition of great football received new impetus when Bob Devaney arrived in 1968 to become coach. For…

(Pp. 5) In a short letter written to the board of regents, governor David Butler reports the state's University Fund. Governor Butler also mentions the federally allocated land, which at the time was being surveyed for sale.

Page four-
The regents formed a committee to secure the federally endowed land, so that sales might commence. Proceeds from sold land would enter the University Fund (sic).

The Land Endowment (Pp. 28-29) The regents request that the process of surveying and allocating land be sped up, so that a steady income may be provided to the university. Additionally, the regents declare their intent to foster a university that…

(Pp. 4-5) The Committee for Land Selection suggested to the state legislature, that the federally endowed land be sold or leased as soon as possible. Thus the profits may be invested and the annual dividends could supplement the university fund.

The Industrial College (Pp. 4-5) The regents again ask for the state legislature to act with haste in relation to the federally endowed land. Although the bureaucratic structure of the university was taking form, the physical university was at an…

Receipts and Expenditures (Pp. 5) This excerpt from the 1882 Regents' Report, gives specific accounting numbers for the university. In 1882, the university's income hit the level the regents had been expecting. For a two year fiscal period a total of…

"Receipts and Expenditures" (Pp. 4) & "Probable Income" (Pp. 12) In 1884 the income from land leased and interest on sold lands began to seriously materialize. The expected two year income from these lands was $70,000, with an additional $17,000…

Receipts and Expenditures (Pp. 17-18) In 1886 the two year budget was again estimated. All income deriving from the endowed land was $63,000, approximately one third of the total income.The Resources of the University (Pp. 89-90) The regents paid…

In this passage, the Regents call attention to the original language used in both the Morrill Act and the Nebraska State Constitution. It would seem the Regents felt their role in the economics of the university was being superseded by the state…

The Regents appeared to be satisfied with their relations with the state legislature, as the only mention of the land endowment in 1890 came under the Receipts and Expenditures section.
Again it can be seen that the university's income continued to…

This document contains the Board of Regents from April 7, 2001 that approved the establishment of a protected area for a Native American memorial on East Campus.

This essay by Dean Oldfather describes the uncertain nature of education and the continuing experiment in all areas of education to find the best way to teach. Specifically, Oldfather addresses the relationship between the levels of education and…

Verdigre to Jaenike.jpg
Letter from the President of the Bank of Verdigre, C.J. Marshall, expressing thanks for the Jazz Lab Band going to Verdigre and praising Dennis Schneider and the band.

1922 unknown purpose or recipient. Chancellor Avery speaks highly of the R.O.T.C. band.

Page 1 of "Student Activities Building" by Chancellor E. A. Burnett
Chancellor E. A. Burnett wrote this letter to describe what the Student Union (or Nebraska Union, or Student Activities Building; it had several names) would be used for on the University of Nebraska campus. He discusses the many different uses for…

Letter to Senator Wesely.png
A letter to Senator Wesely from Chancellor M.A. Massengale in response to the Senator's request for UNL's crime statistics.

In this letter, Oldfather includes and discusses another letter he received about the falling academic standards for english courses.

In this letter Dean Oldfather describes an experiment the English department is conducting to see how undergraduates can become more learned in the subject.

The letter describes the changes that have occurred in the mathematics program. Most importantly, Oldfather states that he believes the college should not make up for the lack of preparation provided by high schools.

The cover and several pages of Charles Ledwith's R.O.T.C. Band Manual for the freshman band at the University of Nebraska.
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