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Mabel Lee and Louise Pound: The Commemoration and the Rivalry

This exhibit explores Mabel Lee and Louise Pound and how both women affected the University of Nebraska and are today commemorated on campus. It then discusses the differences between the two women and the feud surrounding them, as well as examining how 2 such different women are similarly commemorated on the same campus. 

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Gen. John J. Pershing: Contributions and Commemeration at UNL 1891-1895


This exhibit commemorates the contibutions of General Perhsing to UNL during his time as head of the Military Department, as a faculty member, and the legacy he has left in the city of Lincoln

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Carrie Belle Raymond

Includes two portraits of and information on Carrie Belle Raymond, University of Nebraska faculty member and Director of University Chorus.

Raymond Hall, 540 North 16 Street, in Lincoln, Nebraska, is named after Carrie Belle Raymond. A look at the Bulletin of the University of Nebraska "Won't You Come With Me To See Carrie Belle Raymond Hall?" will show how the dormitory appeared in 1937.


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