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Cultural Plurality: The Struggle for a Chicano Studies Program at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln

This exhibit explores the founding of the Chicano Studies Program in the College of Arts & Sciences at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. The time line begins in 1971 and ends with the implementation of the Chicano Studies program in 1976.

There are photographs, and documents within the exhibit.

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An Endowment for Education: Nebraska & the Morrill Act 1862-1890

The federal government, under the auspice of the Morrill Act, endowed the state of Nebraska with 90,000 acres of land to create a state agricultural college. The profit from land sold allowed for the creation of the University of Nebraska. Yet the correlation of federal land and physical university is not one of spatiality, but rather of ink and paper. This thematic archive collection traces the origins of the University through laws from Congress to the Board of Regents.




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