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Charles E. Bessey: The Man Behind the Building


This exhibit explains who the man behind the well known Bessey Hall was. It goes into great detail about the life of Charles E. Bessey, and it specifically focuses on his work at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. As well as informing the observer about Bessey himself, this exhibit also explores the origins of the famous Bessey Hall. 

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C. H. Oldfather, a Classical Educator


Charles Henry Oldfather served as the University of Nebraska dean of the college of arts and sciences from 1932 until 1951 when he retired. Before 1932, Oldfather was a professor of Ancient History on the Nebraska Campus. In his years at UNL, Oldfather had many positive effects on the campus which are still around today.  Today, there is a building named after Oldfather in which the current Dean of Arts and Sciences maintains an office. The classicist views of Oldfather shaped and formed a whole new path on which the University of Nebraska flourished.