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Student Publications at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln

As one of the premier land-grant universities established in the Midwest in the late parts of the 19th and early parts of the 20th century, the University of Nebraska-Lincoln was a pioneer in higher education in many ways. 

The English Department at the University was influential in shaping one of the first generations of writers to come from Nebraska specifically in their support of undergraduate writing programs. The Kiote and The Freshman Scrapbook were two such writing programs dedicated to publishing the works of undergraduates at UNL, allowing students to experience the world of publishing their own work. 

The Kiote and The Freshman Scrapbook are filled with poems, short stories, political essays, humorous pieces, and many tidbits about life at the University at the beginning of the 20th century. Nebraska's legacy as a boon to young writers began early and can be witnessed in the multitude of talents present throughout these works.

This collection seeks to showcase the literary and academic growth in the University's English department because of the publication of these works. The collection includes a work from each printed edition of The Kiote and The Freshman Scrapbook as well as other notable or entertaining works interspersed. Scans of the editions are included with most works.