Commemoration of the Porch

During S. W. Perin's career as superintendent of the agricultural college, his house was a focal point of the campus. The porch especially was where students and co-workers would meet to relax and socialize. After the house was torn down in the 1920's, it was not until the 1990's that the porch was reconstructed through the work of Emily Levine.

At the commemoration ceremony, S. W. Perin's granddaughter Edna Reeder Emerson spoke of her memories of the Perin family and is pictured in front of the porch below. Numerous other great-grandchildren and great-great-grandchildren were also present at the dedication pictured in front of the porch as well ("Porch Stirs Memories..." 1996).

The porch was built in honor of those who helped build East Campus into what it is today especially, S. W. Perin and the vital role he played as the first superintendent. The porch was built in large part by the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Botanical Garden and Arboretum and is open to the public year round as a contemplative place to relax, enjoy the scenery of East Campus and socialize.