Loved by All

Honoring Perin's Service

When S. W. Perin died on January 18, 1930, he left behind his wife, 4 children and a legacy that lives on today. In honor of the loss of such a vital part of the campus, the flags on campus flew at half-mast, class was cancelled and offices were closed. His funeral was well attended by hundreds of family members, friends, co-workers and students in remembrance of a great man who built East Campus.



"Senator Perin Dies Saturday after Illness"

Dean W.W. Burr gave tribute to Mr. Perin and his willingness to serve by saying:

      “In the passing of Mr. S. W. Perin the university has lost one of the most faithful and efficient workers it has had in any capacity and many of us have lost one of our most loyal friends. During the forty yearrs that Mr. Perin was connected with the universtiy its interests were always foremost in his mind, and he knew no limited hours of service. No matter what time of day or night that something needed attention, he was the first to be called and the first to respond. He loved the agricultural college and took a keen interest in its every activity.

       "During his many years at the agricultural college he made numerous lasting friendships. Many of the young men, who have attended the school and the college look back upon the many kindnesses he rendered them in helping them over the rough places that come to one in student life. He was a splendid type of man in every way” ("Senator Perin Dies..." 1930).

"Last Rites for Perin Attended by Large Crowd"

Chancellor E. A. Burnett summarized Mr. Perin's dedication to the university in this way:

"In his death every member of the faculty who had known him feels that he had lost a very personal and devoted friend. The university has lost one whose services cannot be replaced. The community had lost a man of sterling integrity and of rare personal qualities. He was one of God’s noblemen” ("Last Rites for..." 1930).