This section's purpose is to detail the documents found documenting the various memos and documents surrounding the opening and first steps in making the Student Union on the University of Nebraska Lincoln's City Campus into what it is today: a building that has become so centric to the University, it would wither without it.

This section is divided into two different partitions. One details the various public documents, letters, and flyers that were circulated outside of the University or were available for public viewing.

The other partition details the various memos and letters sent throughout the University to faculty and staff around discussing the Union's purpose, impact, and meaning to the University of Nebraska as it was in 1937.

These documents, both inside and outside of the University have become an everlasting dialogue of what really the Union was about before, during, and after its construction. These documents help illustrate a picture students today do not much consider anymore: a place for students. Students after the initial classes impacted by the Union up to the students today take the Union for granted, but there are still some people who remember the University without a common meeting ground for students.