Secondary Sources

Secondary Sources

The books below were found in the University of Nebraska Music Library.  Though many of them are dated, their age increased their value because it provided insight into evolving perceptions and techniques of marching bands at the times of the publications.

Permanent links to the URLs of these books in the Nebraska library catalog are included after each citation.


1.  Steffens, Gary R. Pride of the Cornhuskers. Dallas, Texas: Taylor Publishing Company, 1981. Link

2.  Lentz, Donald A, and Walter R Olsen. Gleanings from the First Century of Nebraska Bands 1867.

     Lincoln, Ne: Word Services Publishing Company, 1979.  Link

3.  Scurro, Vincent. Presenting the Marching Band. New York: Dodd, Mead & Company, 1974. Link

4.  Hjelmerkiv, Kenneth, and Richard C Berg. Marching Bands: How to Organize and Develop Them. New York:

     Ronald Press Company, 1953.  Link

5. Lee, Jack. Modern Marching Band Techniques. Winona, MN: Hal Leonard Music Inc, 1955. Link

6. Goldman, Richard Franko. The Band's Music. New York: Pitman Publishing, 1938. Link

7. Whitwell, David, and Acton Ostling Junior, eds. The College and University Band: An Anthology of
     Papers from the Conferences of the College Band Directors National Association, 1941-1975. The 
Instrumentalist. United States of America: Music Educators National Conference, 1977. Link


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