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The Pride of All Nebraska: A Band's Growth from the Military Tradition

 Shout, sound out, sound out loud and clear! 

Let the team all know the Band is here. 

Sons of old Nebraska if someone should ask ya

We're the Scarlet and the Cream!"
-- Nebraska Band Song

In 1879 at the University of Nebraska Lt. Webster founded an inexperienced twelve member band with the intention of provoking interest in military drill.1  One hundred and thirty years later, the Cornhusker Marching Band is a 290 strong group of highly trained musicians whose most contact with the military is a once a year armed forces tribute.

Though it was created under the wing of the military department, the band soon asserted itself on the campus as a spirit rallying force, a concert band, and a beloved university icon.  It would take decades before the band’s journey from a military to a primarily musical and athletic organization would be completed.  Financial support, changing societal standards, and community pressure would define the struggle waged over the type of group that the “University of Nebraska Military Cadet Band” would eventually become.

The Pride of All Nebraska project is a collection of documents, photographs, and letters from this transitional time in the band's history.  Begin by reading more about the project, starting at the beginning, or directly browsing the sources.