Creating the Project

Picture:  2008 Cymbal

The Project and Acknowledgements

The Pride of All Nebraska was created in the second half of the fall semester of 2009.  Most of the research was done through the Archives and Special Collections at UNL, though Daily Nebraskan articles were obtained through Media Services, and Cornhusker yearbook images are online through the Nebraska U project.  Because of time constraints and the scale of the project, little was done in the way of audio or visual media, but there are reels and records available in the Marching Band Collection in the Archives.

Jessica could not have put this project together without the help of many people:

Professor Falcone, the director of the Cornhusker Marching Band.  Josh Caster, from the University Archives and Special Collections, who patiently brought out box after box and allowed the use of scanning equipment.  Gary R. Steffens, the author of Pride of the Cornhuskers, who did most of the hard research in the 80s and published an incredibly detailed book.  Professor Douglas Seefeldt, who taught Jessica what she needed to know about digital history and then gave her all the tools.  Professor Andy Jewell, who debugged, tinkered, and ultimately solved the problems that Jessica had with the website templates.  And finally many thanks to those who marched with Jessica in the UNL band -- they shaped her college experience in an incredible way, and her life is changed forever because of them.  

The Author

Jessica Dussault was a member of the Cornhusker Marching Band drumline from 2006 - 2008. She played both front ensemble and cymbals during her three years with the band and followed the football team to a Big XII competition, the Cotton Bowl, and the Gator Bowl.  She came away from band with countless memories, a lot of pride, and many close friends for life.  When she was asked to pick a topic about the University of Nebraska for a history project she knew she could do nothing else but choose the band.  Jessica hopes that this collection of documents and analysis, though but a small portion of the sources available, will be valuable to band alumni, current members, and Husker fans who support the Pride of All Nebraska.

Creating the Project