The University of Nebraska is a land grant institution. This means that the University of Nebraska, like many other public universities, has its roots buried deep in the state and federal governments. An ambitious federal law passed in 1862 put in motion a tremendous initiative. Federal land was gifted to the states of the Union to create their own systems of higher education. Nebraska would declare its intent in 1869, less than two years after gaining statehood.

            This digital project traces the creation of the University of Nebraska through officially published legal documentation. If navigated as the creator intended, this website follows an organic linear progression. In short, the Federal Government passed a law, which the state of Nebraska accepted verbatim. The Nebraska state government in turn created the University of Nebraska, further appointing the Board of Regents as overseers of the University. These three separate entities are connected through the land endowment. It is the goal of this project to detail the endowment through the three levels of influence.