Plaque Dedicated to Devaney and Osborne

The plaque honoring the coaches Bob Devaney and Tom Osborne is located on the southwest side of Memorial Stadium. The date on the plaque, December 2, 1983, is the date on which a banquet was held to honor the two coaches and to raise money to put the plaque up (Rasmussen).  The plaque was erected in 1984 (Rasmussen). 

The plaque was put up to honor both of these coaches’ legendary achievement of consecutively achieving 100 win careers, Devaney with a 101-20-2 record in 11 seasons at Nebraska and Osborne with 108 wins in 11 seasons at the time the plaque was awarded. In only 22 years, two separate coaches had led the same football program to a total of 209 wins.  Osborne coached for another fourteen years after the plaque was awarded, eventually ending up with a record of 255-49-3 in 25 years (

The leadership of these coaches continued even after their coaching careers had ended, as both coaches also remained at the University as athletic directors after retiring.  Devaney served as the athletic director from 1963 to 1993, and Tom Osborne served from 2007 through today (December 2010) ( 

On the whole, this plaque commemorates the leadership and success of these highly successful and legendary coaches.