Legacy Statue

The Husker Legacy Statue, located on the east side of Memorial Stadium, was created in 1997 to honor the four national championships that the football team won in 1970, 1971, 1994, and 1995 ( The statue also speaks to the tradition that has permeated throughout the program since its earliest days.

Made of bronze and weighing two tons, the statue was placed on the plaza east of Gate 20 in September 1997 (Chapek). In 1995, the sculptor, Fred Hoppe, approached the director of facilities for the Athletic Department, John Ingram, about creating a monument that commemorated the Huskers' success but also represented the Huskers' teamwork and dedication (Chapek). After one year of research and construction, the statue was set in place on September 29, 1997 (Chapek).

The statue is dedicated to all the players who have played for Nebraska over the years (Chapek). Hoppe said the idea was to "commemorate the legacy of Nebraska as a whole, not just for one team or individual. He also mentioned that, "the monument displays the sense of pride that Nebraskans have for their football team" (Chapek).

The statue depicts six Husker defensive players tackling a player from Kansas State ( The sculpture was modeled after a picture taken by a photographer for the Athletic Department, Richard Vorges, during the Nebraska vs. Kansas State game on October 22, 1995 ( Hoppe said that he chose the photograph because it showed the team as a whole making a tackle. "I looked at every photo for the past two years and nothing was comparable to the teamwork and determination of the chosen represents the whole teamwork attitude of Nebraska football" (Chapek).