For the last 120 years, the football program has been an integral part of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln ( The Cornhuskers are the winningest college football team over the last 50 years and have become an immense source of pride for the school and the state ( When one thinks of the University of Nebraska, the Husker football team is one of the first things that come to mind.

The team has come to represent the character of the state as a whole. The traditions of hard work, perseverance, consistency, strength, and integrity that define the Nebraskan way of life are attributes that the football team has displayed over the years (Smith). Because there is only one major university in the state, the Huskers have become cherished by the majority of Nebraskans. If not loved because of provincial allegiance, the Huskers are respected for the way they play the game.

The three monuments outside Memorial Stadium, although they are meant more as pieces of art than as monuments, memorialize Brook Berringer, Bob Devaney, and Tom Osborne. They are tangible tokens of the characteristics that the Cornhusker football team manifests; namely, tradition, leadership, and character. The monuments represent not only what those three men accomplished, but how they did it.