Osborne and Berringer II

“That statue is out there because it is a rock solid thing that stands up through snow and rain and wind and sunshine. It’s a statue of character”- Ron Brown (

Of the three qualities of University of Nebraska football that have been outlined, character is by far the most significant.  The statue of Tom Osborne and Brook Berringer symbolizes the value that the Cornhusker football team places on character.  Berringer was not just a good quarterback; his actions as a person and his character contribute to his legend (Waite, Parks). 

Coaches and teammates alike have lauded Berringer’s character.  After Berringer's tragic death, Tom Osborne said, “The world lost a role model…if you had somebody you wanted your son to be like, Brook would be a great place to start” (Osborne). He later said, “There was nobody that I coached who had better character than Brook Berringer” (Osborne). 

What Berringer stands for is as important today as it was back when he was still a player at Nebraska. In an interview, Osborne stated, “(Brook) embodied a lot of the things we are trying to get done here.  Good student, good person, unimpeachable character” (Cluck). Osborne also stated that it is for these reasons that Berringer was the player that was chosen to be standing next to him for the statue; Berringer represents all that the University of Nebraska's football program wishes for their players to be (