The House

The Home of Delta Delta Delta
The house sits on the corners of 16 and R street, which is the original house the sisters lived in and continue to live in today. The home has gone through remodeling and General John J. Pershing donated the wraught-iron gate surrounding the house. The Tri-Delta sorority house has been a second home to all the women who pass through the doors. The significance of a sorority house becomes like a second home to the women who live there, and being able to live with your sisters is a comfort to those coming from out of town. "Living at the sorority house has been one ofmy best experiences of being at school. Being able to always have a friend around is a blessing that I am so happy to be a part of (McCrady Interview)." The buzz of chatter and friends hanging out is a special thing to have when this is usually the first time living outside of their parents homes.