Šárka Hrbkova's War Work

Letter from Prof. S. Hrbkova to Major Avery


This November 9, 1918 letter between Šárka Hrbková and Chancellor Avery during his war service in Washington D. C. reveals a cordial working relationship between the two. She is seeking his assistance in delivering a letter to Dr. Masaryk, President of Czechoslovakia. Her letter is written on official Women’s Committee of the Council of National Defense letterhead. The women’s committee served to coordinate various women’s groups in war related work such as the prevention of wasting food in the home, service in hospitals and the promotion of liberty and thrift stamp sales (Manley, 35). Hrbková also mentions a letter concerning a position as a translator for the Foreign Language Bureau. A year latter she would no longer be at the University and in a position in the Bureau. 

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