B. Shimek

Letter from Shimek to Chancellor Andrews and Board of Regents


In this June 12, 1905 letter to Chancellor Andrews and the Board of Regents, Professor, Bohumil Šimek of the State University of Iowa writes, "At present there is in this country an almost universal lack of knowledge of the great group of Slavonic languages. Of these languages Bohemian is the most highly organized and the best developed, and has the richest literature. It is certainly desirable that our educated citizens whatsoever origin have an opportunity to broaden their horizon by getting at least a glimpse of what is now practically an unknown field.” However the committee appointed by the Board of Regents to study the feasibility of a Bohemian Language Program comes to a far different if not racially biased conclusion. Professor,Bohumil Šimek, also states in this letter that he was a faculty member at the University of Nebraska from 1888-1890. He also communicates he is the president of the (Bohemian) Council of Higher Education at the time of this letter.

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