Comenius Club 1907

 The Comenius Club 1907

This is a Black and white image of the Comenius Club Officers and Committeemen from the 1907 Cornhusker. At this time the Komensky club went by Comenius which is another version of Jan Amos Komensky's (1592-1670) name. The club is named in honor of this seventeenth century Czech educator and philosopher. This is the only yearbook from 1907-1920 where the club is represented at the University with the title of The Comenius Club. Even thought the club was established in 1903 this was its first appearance in the University Yearbooks. 

The history of the Comenius Club by its 1907 members.

In this yearbook entry the date of November 1903 is given as the first meeting to establish the club. The date of the first organizational meeting varies among the sources surveying the early history of the club. This document is also critical in linking the establishment of the Slavonic Department at the University of Nebraska to the Komensky Club. It was the members of this club who wrote a petition to the Board of Regents urging them to establish Bohemian language classes. According to this document it was not a random group of students. These students are the a crucial link between the Bohemian-Americans in favor of Czech language, literature and culture education at a college level in Nebraska. Their legacy continues today in the Czech Language Program at the University of Nebraska Lincoln. 


F. J. Pipal, Adolph A. Tenopir, Otto Kotouc, Emil E. Brodecky, F. R. Vosacek, and John F. Kreyčik, who are pictured here all signed the group petition or made personal appeals on behalf of establishing Bohemian classes. Yet they did not mention the club when petitioning directly to the administration.


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