Praise for the Program

Letter from Matice Vyššího Vzdělání, Bohemian Council of Higher Education to Chancellor Avery and Board of Regents


Bohemian Council of Higher Education (Matice Vyššího Vzdělání)

“The cultural as well as the practical value of the study Of the Bohemian (the first of the Slavonic languages introduced into the curriculum of the University) cannot be over-estimated, and we heartily commend the action placing the Bohemian among the languages of modern Europe which are formally recognized as fulfilling the modern language requirements of your esteemed institution.” July 24, 1909

This organization was the forerunner of the Komensky Club. The student organization instrumental in the establishing of the Slavonic Department was referred to as an auxiliary group of the Bohemian Council of Higher Education in Cedar Rapids Iowa (Čapek, 262). The connection between the the University of Nebraska Slavic Department and the Bohemian Council of Higher Education runs even deeper than sponsorship of scholarships and the Komensky Club. The first chairman and instructor of the Slavic Department, Jeffery (Efrem) D. Hrbek was the inspiration for W. F. Severa founding of the council (Hrbek,12).