Letters and Communications

President's Advisory Committee on Mexican-American Affairs meeting minutes


This document is the minutes from the first meeting of the Presidents Advisory Committee on Mexican-American Affairs. The minutes reflect the ongoing discussion of Chicano education and Chicano educators at the University. These minutes were written down by Marta Hernandez, secretary of the committee.

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A program for incoming Chicano students


This is a letter sent to Dean John Robinson of the college of Arts & Sciences from Ned Hedges, the director of freshman English at UNL. In this letter Hedges suggest in detail the program for Chicano education that the English department is willing to support. Hedges, along with Ralph Grajeda,Olga Tappe and three graduate students, proposes sections of Enlish literature that not only would use Chicano writings, but would also reserve a class to only have Chicano students. The plan outlined also states that there will be further developing classes for Chicanos in the history, art and sociology departments.

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Chancellor Zumberge's letter of request to Grajeda


This is a letter that was sent to Grajeda and all other incumbent members of the Chancellor's Advisory Committee on Mexican-American Affairs. In the letter Zumberge asks Grajeda to continue on the committee for a second term. Handwritten at the top and bottom of the page are the names and addresses of the other members who received the same letter. Next to each name there is a notation which indicates the day on which the request was accepted by the individual. Note that the letter was sent in the end of July and all but Grajeda returned affirmative replies to the Chancellor with in a few weeks. Grajeda's reply comes during the secon week of classes and is a long letter detailing the reasons why he is declining.

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Grajeda's response to chancellor Zumberge's request


In this letter Professor Grajeda respectfully declines a request by chancellor Zumberge for Grajeda to remain on the Chancellor's Advisory Committee on Mexican-American affairs. Of all the people that are asked to remain or become new members, Grajeda is the only one who declines. He gives his reasoning in a mater-of-fact recall of the happenings of the past two years in the committee.

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Request for the resignation of committee members by MASA


This is a letter addressed to Chancellor Zumberge written and signed by the membership of the Mexican-American Student Association (MASA). The letter is stamped (in blue ink) to indicate that it was received by the chancellor's office on April 5, 1974.
In this letter the members of MASA request the resignation of three members of the chancellors committee on Mexican American Affairs: Sam Franco, Stan Porras, and Nick Garcia who MASA is accusing of having "failed to institute, advocate and support any issues relevant to Chicano students." Thier second request is that Ralph Grajeda be hired as a professor in the department of English.

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