Cather Plaque Returns

The plaque stayed in Andrews Hall untill 1969, the year Andrews Hall was renovated.  During this renovation period, the plaque mysteriously went missing.  It remained lost until late October nearly twenty years later when it was found along a creek in Barton County, Kansas by a detective of the Barton county sheriff's office.  Through their research, the detectives found an organization dedicated to Cather, situated in Red Cloud.  A notice was placed in the Willa Cather Pioneer Memorial and Educational Foundation newspaper in Red Cloud Nebraska.  It just so happened that the notice was seen by Dr. Robert Knoll of the University of Nebraska, who remembered it going missing years earlier.  The plaque was then brought back to the University in 1989 where it sits in Andrews Hall, after a restoration of the bronze("Cather plaque is ..."; "Cather plaque makes ...").