Austrian Pine Plaque

The Cather graduate plaque and Austrian pine are located East of the Arcitecture Hall.  The plaque and tree were dedicated to Willa Cather and the class of 1895 by Lucia Woods Lindley who was the granddaughter of Nelle Cochrane Woods, as a part of a larger celebration in Cather's honor.  Nelle was a friend of Cather's from a Shakespeare literature class.  They were dedicated to Cather in April of 1995, the centennial celebration of her graduation day("Cather's Campus Years ..."; Knoll).


Cather University Days

There is also a myth surrounding Cather and a picture taken of her while at the universtiy in which she is leaning against a large boulder.  The location of the Cather graduate plaque and tree is said to be in a similar location of where the picture was taken.  The rock is now on display in front of Morrill Hall and the pine tree is alive and well in the sculpture garden west of Sheldon Memorial Art Gallery(Knoll).  The plaque stands in front of it, labeling the tree for any passerby.