University By-Laws

After the Rozman Affair, the Board of Regents decided that the Univeristy Constitution did not clearly state their power. With the urging of the faculty senate, they ordered that a group of thirty-six student leaders and faculty members, twelve from each of the three University Campuses, to rewrite the Rules and by-Laws of the University (Bangert).The first chapter of the Constitution discussed the powers and responsibilities of the Board of Regents. This was a large part of the rewriting because of the firing of Rozman; the Regents wanted their position to be defined. Rozman's argument had stated that they were taking away his constitutional right of freedom of speech by firing him. The second chapter of the Constitution was about the administrative system at the specific campuses such as the hierarchy of the president, vice-president, and other officials of the campus, also the administration such as the chancellor and vice-chancellor and then for each of the different academic departments. The third chapter of the Constitution talks about the terms for hiring and firing employees. This part of the Constitution needed to be worked on because of the way Rozman had been "relieved" from his position. After the Rules and by-Laws were completed, they were sent to the Board of Regents who made their own changes "(Committee Rewrites University By-Laws).