Chancellor MacLean

When he left, James Canfield recommended George MacLean to be the new Chancellor. MacLean never achieved the same popularity on campus as Canfield, though he undoubtedly impacted the University. MacLean organized the faculty from a general grouping into separate departments for each college. MacLean's perspective on teachers' roles forever shaped the way the University was run; he began to incorporate research into the job description (Knoll 38). MacLean faced much opposition which stemmed from the Populist Revolt (Manley 120).  Similar to Canfield's administration, George MacLean and the Board of Regents of the late 1890s were forced to deal with difficult financial situations, which they discussed in their meetings. Success was found when the 1899 legislature session allotted a fair amount of money for the University. The University of Iowa offered MacLean a position in June 1899, and he accepted. His resignation did not upset any current students or faculty (Knoll 40).