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Americans Prove Americanism

Amache youths are proving at war and at home the truth of President Roosevelt's declaration that Americanism is not a matter of race or ancestry, but a matter of the mind and heart. Every nationality from which our population has been drawn is…

Nisei Soldiers Showered with Silver, Bronze Stars

A literal shower of Silver and Bronze Star medals fell upon American soldiers of Japanese ancestry for their outstanding performance with the Sixth Army group, Lt. Gen. Jacob L. Denvers, commanding general announced this week.

Seven Silver Stars,…


"Community responsibility, inherent in those of Japanese lineage, had contributed to the maintenance of a high moral standard in our society. At Tanforan, where the population is wholly Japanese, it is increasingly important that this standard be…

Model Community Plan Revealed

While Manzanar is still rising from the sagebrush, wiping the dust from her skirts, blueprints for a busy contented community are taking shape. Spacious playgrounds for tots, homes amidst flowering landscape, a giant construction center housing many…

PO Team Blows Big Lead, Bows To Blk. 20 Champs

The championship block 20 team accepting the challenge of the vastly improved Post Office team received a scare that might have mired their undefeated record Monday night at field 30.

With the aid of Paul Hayashi's mighty circuit clout the PO boys…

Flag Ceremonies

Colors of the United States fluttered in the spring breeze as flag raising ceremonies took place Friday afternoon in front of the Administration Building. Five Boy Scouts and four buglers participated. Assistant Camp Manager Harry L. Black delivered…

First Lady Calls on Isolated Americans

In an atmosphere charged with expectancy, Gila waited for the momentous visit. Just two days earlier, news of the execution of Doolittle raiders had stopped all leaves.

Into the community stepped Eleanor Roosevelt, as simply and quietly as one…

Demands By Amache Nisei

Washington, D.C., Feb. 26 (AP)-- Japanese Americans in the relocation center at Granada, Colo., have presented 11 demands on the War Relocation Authority, including a plea that they be given freedom to live and travel anywhere in the United states,…

Ban Travel in Eight Far Western States

Persons residing in Assembly Centers may not be released from an evacuee status to travel within the area under command of the Western Defense Command, Alvin Laughlin, Welfare Section head, announced.

Eight States included in this restricted zone…

West Coast Exclusion Order to be Lifted

The mass exclusion order prohibiting people of Japanese extraction from living on the west coast will be lifted by Military authorities at midnight January 2, 1945, Dillon S. Myer, national WRA director, notified project director James G. Lindley…

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Photograph 1

Lone Pine, California. Evacuees of Japanese ancestry waiting to board buses which will take them to the War Relocation Authority center at Manzanar, California. Caption and Photograph courtesy of The National Archives

Photograph 2
San Francisco, California. Lunch hour at the Raphael Weill Public School, Geary and Buchanan Streets. Children of Japanese ancestry were evacuated with their parents to spend the duration in War Relocation Authority centers where educational…

Photograph 3

San Francisco, California. Flag of allegiance pledge at Raphael Weill Public School, Geary and Buchanan Streets. Children in families of Japanese ancestry were evacuated with their parents and will be housed for the duration in War Relocation…

Photograph 4
San Francisco, California. Residents of Japanese ancestry file forms containing personal data, two days before evacuation, at Wartime Civil Control Administration station. Evacuees will be housed in War Relocation Authority centers for the duration.…

Photograph 5

San Francisco, California. With baggage stacked, residents of Japanese ancestry await bus at Wartime Civil Control Administration station, 2020 Van Ness Avenue, as part of the first group of 664 to be evacuated from San Francisco on April 6, 1942.…

Photograph 6
Poston, Arizona. Evacuee fireman getting drinks at this War Relocation Authority center. Frank Shibata may be seen at the right. Caption and Photograph courtesy of The National Archives

Photograph 7
Poston, Arizona. Evacuees of Japanese ancestry are filling straw ticks for mattresses after arrival at this War Relocation Authority center. Caption and Photograph courtesy of The National Archives

Photograph 8
Poston, Arizona. Living quarters of evacuees of Japanese ancestry at this War Relocation Authority center as seen from the top of water tower facing south west. Caption and Photograph courtesy of The National Archives